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Now through March 26 2011
(opening reception Tueseday, March 22, 5-8:30pm)

Anna Homler with Helen Van der Neer and Elaine Parks, 'Pharmacia Poetica' sculpture and sound installation with Treatment Room.   Read review   Location: Den Contemporary Art, Pacific Design Center, 8687 Melrose Avenue #B261, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

Pharmacia Poetica at den contemporary art

April 3 - May 31, 2010

"pLAyLAnd," Pop-Up Art Show featuring 25 artists from Reno, San Francisco & Los Angeles. 4140 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90065.

September 26, 2009

Presentation and installation at the Los Angeles Music Center hosted by the Education Department with the opera "The Elixir of Love".

September, 2008


Anna Homler
Pharmacia Poetica
L Salon
7218 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
(323) 930-0700

Pharmacia Poetica

"Pharmacia Poetica," Anna Homler's ongoing project begun in 1987, occupies the ephemeral space between art, the ordinary world, and an alternate universe. Also a vocalist who sings in her own invented tonal language, Homler operates in a physical realm where particles and waves, matter and energy, liquids and solids are all transmutable; yet simultaneously the work presents itself as a record of existence.

A library of glass bottles rather than books, the "Pharmacia" is a reliquary of the easily overlooked and unnoticed. Mysterious organic substances along with obsolete materials and artifacts reside in deeply hued ambient fluids. Plant-like fibers and filaments are as illusory as memories floating on the edge of consciousness. Other vessels contain recognizable objects -- magnetic cassette tape, typewriter erasing ribbon, wooden blocks with letters, fragments of untranslatable language in liquid elixirs. The bottles come in various shapes and sizes; several contain tiny bottles inside larger ones like little sunken vessels.

Homler's latest installation at L Salon was set not in an art space or gallery but in a Beverly Boulevard hair salon. There were no labels, names, or titles identifying the works. Instead they were carefully integrated into the setting, thus re-enforcing Homler's belief in the idea of art as intervention in the everyday world, intervention that prompts shifts in the viewer's perception. A group of bottles carefully arranged on an étagère might have been taken for some new hair products until closely examined. Likewise, the juxtaposition of a white feather filling a "Pharmacia" bottle next to a glass decanter of combs resting in blue disinfecting liquid throws the nature of the latter into question. In a group of cubicles by the rinsing station, Homler's dislocated objects made rolled-up, white towels suggest sacred scrolls, forcing us to traverse an ambiguous terrain of multiple possible realities. And the salon, a contemporary ritual space, provided an ideal mise-en-scène for Homler's subtle interceptions.
by Jacki Apple

June 2nd, 2008

21st birthday celebration for the Pharmacia Poetica on June 22, 2008.
Live music by Michael Intriere (Cello), Jorge Martin (Electronics) and Anna Homler (Vocals).
L Salon,  7218    Beverly  Blvd.,  LA 90036, 6-9pm
(An exhibition of the Pharmacia Poetica runs June 10 thru July 12th)

Pharmacia Poetica